Friday, 12 October 2012

Fitness with “Jim of the Blues Gang”

Jim Madasamy epitomizes our idealism in expecting to merge two extremes to cohesively attain a balance. Not only is it overly difficult or perhaps even peculiar to try to marry fitness and music espousing radical social transformation and liberation from conventionality to new social norms. It was era of glorifying drug use, alcoholism and free-sex known as “Flower Power” – of exalting “peace” and a time when blues, rock and roll, blues-rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock, progressive rock and folk music fueled the music and lives of the day. This is still very much alive today.Popularization of the blues with its origins from the wretched days of American slavery saw its infusion into contemporary music most notably in the 1960s.

The blues had earlier on greatly influenced jazz and rock and roll. It was also a time when blues-influenced soul music came to the fore. Jim is a bluesman and founding member of The Blues Gang. On vocals at times, he is a guitarist but principally a bassist. The Blues Gang was formed in Woodlands, Singapore in 1973 and Jim at 62 has been through all those pop-culture changes and managed to stave off the ills and yet be a part of the invigoration of arguably the most glorious and creative era in music history.

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