Friday, 7 September 2012

Sweating or better put, perspiration, is good for you and helps you discharge impurities from your body. Perspiration actually cleanses your system. Acknowledgement of this fact gave rose to special saunas – both wet and dry, bath houses, sweat lodges and steam rooms throughout the world.
Let’s delve a little into perspiration and grasp how our body’s self-cooling process works. One fact that we know is that when you perspire, your body goes through a series of natural processes. These help to discharge toxins, dead cells and other impurities from the body as well as increase your metabolism rate. We know that perspiration contains water but what else besides water does it contains? Tests have revealed that perspiration also contains ammonia, sugar, salt, urea, lactic acid and other minerals.
As our bodily fluids move to the surface blood also moves along. This is why some people appear reddish or blush when they perspire. Blood is cooled when it’s close to the surface and when it recirculates it helps to cool the body. Functionally, perspiration is a natural phenomenon of normalizing our body temperature. 
But what else happens when you perspire?When you perspire, you breathe faster and your heart beats faster as well. Your circulation improves and your metabolism accelerates too. When your circulation improves, impurities and toxins are expelled from your body trough sweat pores. Consequently, your body self-rejuvenates. That’s why we feel refreshed after a good perspiration and (of course) a good shower.
Well, let’s look at obvious ways to attain “commendable” sweating. You have the option to sit in a sauna or steam room to get your skin agitated and your sweat pores open; and you perspire. This is called induced perspiration without physical activity. Many people do this to enjoying the benefits of sweating. Sweat can also be caused by other factors such as anxiety, stress, fear and medication. High environmental temperature and humidity also trigger the perspiration process. The alternative “sweat inducer” would be induced perspiration with physical activity. Of this, you can enjoy your morning walk, go for a jog, swim in a pool, work out in a gym or just work out at home.

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